This is a work in progress

Even though our dad, John Poe Crider Jr, has departed our world for a better one more than two decades ago, the work of saving his photographic works and other family related pictures safe and available to the family is really just beginning.

After mom's death, being given the treasures of slides (38 slide trays) and family photo albums, it was always a challenge as to how to save and distribute all of the pictures. If I was to save them to DVDs, then I had to capture and edit all of them before I could copy the disks to distribute them. That would take a lot of room on my computer, and a lot of time to finish the entire project. It seemed to be put on perpetual hold.

In 2017, I decided to invest in good camera equipment with my bonus from work and began to discover the excitement of still photography. When I found a web site that allowed me to showcase my emerging skills to the public while protecting my work AND saving my family pictures while keeping them private, I knew that this the best way to share our shared family heritage.

Welcome to a living gallery

As time becomes available to work on these treasures, I will upload them. Understand that a lot of the pictures need corrections to make them look their best. I am using software that does not alter the actual scanned image and works closely with the web site.

This allows me to upload the slides without corrections, and then when I make corrections later, those corrections will be re-uploaded to the gallery without changing the image's position. A big help for me.

Some galleries will have no corrections, one picture might be very bright and the next might be very dark, and other galleries will be more consistent. Over time there should be more galleries added and existing galleries will look better.

Feel free to comment on pictures or send me an email regarding edits that need to be made. Understand that I am learning how to best use the editing software and not all desired corrections are possible due to the limitations of the original images.