Welcome to our "private" web site

I put the word private in quotes because right now the site is not password protected, but is protected from being searched by web search engine crawlers.

This should allow us access without another password to remember and at the same time prevent the pictures, titles, captions, keywords and comments from showing up in the search engines for the entire world to exploit.

Please do not share the link to this area of my site with anyone who will not respect the property here. Also know that once you share the link, there is no way to restrict access to that person without placing a password on this area of the site.

Sharing with family

There are links in this section that allows you to download the pictures or have them printed online. I do not make any money on having them printed through this site. This area is for sharing. If I do make photography into a business, that will be for the rest of my site.

Keeping it positive

The primary purpose of the spacecasepix.com website is to showcase my emerging talents as I learn more about photography, filmography, and associated editing skills.

This area of the site is for our close family members, to share our memories and comments together.

FaceBook and other open platforms are great places to share with the world, but can be filled with negative thoughts. Please keep comments positive here in our own private retreat and remember that all family members will see your comments... eventually.

Definitely comment if you know the names of people in pictures that are not named and wish to share them with the rest of us.

Enjoy the pictures and may we always be blessed by being a family.